Alt18 Countdown on Sirius XM, 1/30/21: Weezer and The Neighbourhood join; The Happy Fits jump

The Happy Fits are No. 7 with “Hold Me Down.”

Rock royalty in the form of Weezer and Foo Fighters join the Alt18 Countdown on SiriusXM’s AltNation this week with two solid new additions to anthems of alternative rock, but it may be “Stargazing” by The Neighbourhood with the strongest debut. The Knocks collab with Foster the People is storming to No. 1 with “All About You.” For now it’ll have to settle at No. 2, because it’s MISSIO back up top with “Can You Feel the Sun?”

CORRECTION: Foo Fighters’ “Waiting on the War” join the 1/23/21 countdown. That’s what I get for skipping a week.

For anyone relying on this site and social accounts (@findingalt18) to track the countdown, apologies for missing a week. I’ll circle back on the 1/23/21 countdown so we can keep a running tally of 2021, but for now I’m just getting caught back up.

I’d love your thoughts on the countdown and any alt music you’re into these days. I’m going to mix in the Download15’s and some Spotify playlists I’m following, so open to any and all ideas. Maybe I can land a band interview this year. Happy February, all!

Here’s the updated Spotify playlist.

Alt18 Countdown, 1/30/21

18. The Neighborhood, Stargazing

17. almost monday, Broken People

16. Holly Humberstone, Falling Asleep at the Wheel

15. Mishaal, Peddle Bike

14. Inhaler, When It Breaks

13. Gus Dapperton, Medicine

12. Sir Sly, Material Boy

11. Weezer, All My Favorite Songs

10. I Don’t Know But They Found Me, Leave Me Alone

9. Foo Fighters, Waiting on a War

8. Tame Impala, Is It True

7. The Happy Fits, Hold Me Down

6. Mansionair/NoMBe, Guillotine

5. Grandson, Dirty

4. The Backseat Lovers, Kilby Girl

3. Bastille, survivin’

2. The Knocks/Foster The People, All About You

1. MISSIO, Can You Feel the Sun

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