Alt18 Countdown on Sirius XM, 2/6/21: grandson reaches No. 1, The Killers are back, and Foushee joins

Mishaal is at No. 12 on the Alt18 Countdown with Peddle Bike.

The Alt18 Countdown gets “Dirty” this week with grandson taking the top spot from MISSIO, whose “Can You Feel the Sun” falls to No. 2. The Killers made the week’s strongest debut with, “C’est La Vie,” at No. 4. Foo Fighters and Weezer seem to be settling into the list, and Mishaal is hanging around around for another week with “Peddle Bike.” There’s a lot of fan support on Twitter for The Happy Fits, and their song came in at No. 13.

Dropping off this week: “broken people” by almost monday, “Falling Asleep at the Wheel” by Holly Humberstone, “Medicine” by Gus Dapperton and “Leave Me Alone” by iDKHOW. Humberstone had been on consecutive countdowns since Nov. 2, and iDKHOW since Nov. 15.

Trying a new thing this week highlighting lyrics from each of the songs. There’s some beautiful writing on the countdown right now, so thought it’d be nice to pull out a sampling of the writing. As always, the updated Spotify playlist is below.

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Here’s the updated Spotify playlist.

Alt18 Countdown on Sirius XM’s AltNation, 2/6/21

18. Foushee, Deep End

I been trying not to go off the deep end
I don’t think you wanna give me a reason

Deep End, Foushee

17. The Neighborhood, Stargazing

Pull it out of park, put it in drive
I can feel your heart beatin’ with mine
Underneath the stars, lookin’ for a sign
Glowin’ in the dark ’til the sun shines

Stargazing, The Neighbourhood

16. Mansionair/NoMBe, Guillotine

Take my head away from me
Antoinette, sweet Marie
Chop it off, squeaky clean
I got thoughts nobody needs

Guillotine, Mansionair/NoMBe

15. Blu DeTiger, Cotton Candy Lemonade

I wanna get lost with you
Picture waking up somewhere new
I wanna get lost with you
‘Cause right now I’m lost without you too

Cotton Candy Lemonade, Blu DeTiger

14. Inhaler, When It Breaks

How much does it ache
When your bones break?
It seems so hard to tell
What’s real or fake
Can’t let this moment go to waste

When It Breaks, Inhaler

13. The Happy Fits, Hold Me Down

Hold me down tight when I’m losing my mind
You tied a tether here to keep me close
I’ve been talking to myself on some Icarus spell
But it got better when you didn’t go

Hold Me Down, The Happy Fits

12. Mishaal, Peddle Bike

Peddle bike, blue sways
Baby, I’m just waiting for the summer break
Little lies, too late
Baby, I’m just praying for another day

Peddle Bike, Mishaal

11. nothing,nowhere., fake friend

Think we’re slipping
Ice is real thin, thin
Where the hell have you been?
I don’t need a fake friend

fake friend, nothing,nowhere.

10. Foo Fighters, Waiting on a War

Every day waiting for the sky to fall
Big crash on a world that’s so small
Just a boy with nowhere left to go
Fell in love with a voice on the radio

Waiting on a War, Foo Fighters

9. The Backseat Lovers, Kilby Girl

She’s got a fake ID and a nose ring
Those kind of girls tend to know things better than I do
And I’m dying to figure out what she’s hiding

Kilby Girl, The Backseat Lovers

8. Weezer, All My Favorite Songs

All my favorite songs are slow and sad
All my favorite people make me mad
Everything that feels so good is bad, bad, bad

All My Favorite Songs, Weezer

7. Sir Sly, Material Boy

Deeply American, which is to say I’m deeply ashamed
I wonder what the world would say?
And I’m probably sick from my secrets
Politically daft, but we’re in deep shit

Material Boy, Sir Sly

6. Bastille, survivin’

What can I say? I’m survivin’
Crawling out these sheets to see another day

Survivin’, Bastille

5. The Knocks/Foster The People, All About You

Nights, were my only friend
My distraction
When you pulled me out

All About You, The Knocks/Foster the People

4. The Killers, C’est La Vie

Sometimes you’re the river
Sometimes you’re the sea
Sometimes you’re a stranger to yourself, it’s a dangerous place to be

C’est La Vie, The Killers

3. Tame Impala, Is It True

And I tell her I’m in love with her
But how can I know that I’ll always be?

Is It True, Tame Impala

2. MISSIO, Can You Feel the Sun

Below the willow tree
I get hung up on my insecurities
Rose-colored dopamine
My soul feels like it could be make-believe

Can You Feel the Sun, MISSIO

1. grandson, Dirty

Tell me what you tryna hide
And what you runnin’ from inside
‘Cause I got a surprise
We might not make it to the mornin’

Dirty, grandson

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